Research Network Steering Committee

Professor Augusto Caraceni
Professor Augusto Caraceni
Chair of the Research Network



Professor Luc Deliens
Professor Luc Deliens

Vice Chair of the Research Network 

Social Scientist


Dr Geana Paula Kurita
Dr Geana Paula Kurita
Vice Chair of the Research network

Clinical researcher


Professor Marie Fallon
Professor Marie Fallon


Stein Kaasa
Stein Kaasa



 EAPC RN Chair (2006 - 2018)

Franco de Conno
Franco de Conno
Honorary President of the Research Network (Italy)


Founder & Chair of the EAPC Research Network (1996-2005)

Alice Gallivanone
Alice Gallivanone
EAPC Research Network Secretary


Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori

Via Venezian 1, 20133 Milan

tel: 39-02-23903633


EAPC Research Network

Research Network Background

The European Association for Palliative Care Research Network (EAPC RN), established in 1996 is an important focal point for the discussion and exchange of knowledge in palliative care research.  

The ultimate aim of the research network is to conduct Pan-European Prospective Studies. Networks of researchers and institutions are essential for palliative care research because the number of patients in each institution will be relatively small and insufficient for high-quality research.

A cross-sectional survey of palliative care in Europe was organised by the EAPC RN. One hundred and forty-three centres in 21 countries provided data on more than 3000 patients. This survey demonstrated the great potential of palliative care research networks to work in a coherent and collaborative fashion across many different countries and cultures.  Much groundwork has been done on which to build and develop international collaboration amongst palliative care researchers. However, most of the activities in the EAPC RN have been within the area of consensus papers on e.g. treatment modalities, prognostication, syndromes and several different symptoms. Several papers published on behalf of the EAPC RN are important achievements within the network.


How to contribute to and how to utilise the EAPC RN

The EAPC RN is an important focal point for discussion and exchange of knowledge and ideas within palliative care research.  Collaborators in the EAPC RN are those who actively take part in planning, conducting and publish EAPC RN research.  The EAPC RN provides a structure for collaborative research.

The EAPC RN offers an open invitation for all healthcare professionals who see the potential in conducting European multicentre research, to take part in developing a platform for this type of research within the EAPC RN.

·      Provides an established structure for collaborative research 
·      Has an infrastructure for data handling and organisation of research studies
·      Acts as a focal point for discussion and exchange of knowledge
·      Hosts the biennial EAPC World Research Congress which includes the biennial Vittorio Ventafridda Lecture
·      Provides a Junior Forum for PhD students and other less experienced researchers
The EAPC RN offers an open invitation to all healthcare professionals who see the potential and value of conducting collaborative European multicentre research


For further information please contact: alice.gallivanone@istitutotumori.mi.it

Research Network Seminars

Details of the next EAPC Research Network Seminar will be announced shortly

EAPC Research Network Junior Forum

About the EAPC Research Network Junior Forum

Established in 2008, the EAPC Research Network Junior Forum (JF) is a platform for education, communication and collaboration among junior researchers. It serves as a network for individuals to learn about research, share experiences and develop the skills necessary to lead palliative care research into the future with the ultimate aim of improving palliative care.   

The aim of this initiative is to build a strong foundation for the provision of high quality, effective and collaborative palliative care research, which will produce better palliative care at a clinical, scientific and social level.

The Junior Forum was established for young researchers to become an integral part of the solution to providing better palliative care. The initiative has been motivated by the wish of young researchers to work with international colleagues with similar levels of experience. The JF was launched in a separate session at the 5th Research Forum of the EAPC in Trondheim in May 2008.


For more information, please email alice.gallivanone@istitutotumori.mi.it or complete and return the contact form


EAPC Research Network Current Projects

MENAC (The Multimodal Exercice/Nutrition/Anti-inflammatory treatment for Cachexia trial) MENAC

PRAIS (The Palliative Radiotherapy and Inflammation Study) PRAIS

PaSO study (Paracetamol versus Placebo in Conjunction With Strong Opioids for Cancer Pain PaSO