European Journal of Palliative Care Comments

Sadly, the European Journal of Palliative Care (EJPC) recently closed. Since the launch of the journal in 1994, the EAPC and the EJPC forged a strong and mutually effective bond. The combined efforts of the EAPC and the EJPC  have provided our members and readers with a wide range of papers, including several seminal EAPC White papers.

Thanks to the publishers, PMGroup and Hayward Medical Publishing, everyone can now enjoy free access to the entire archive of the EJPC from 1994 to 2018. This is a fantastic repository of thought-provoking and well-evidenced articles from across Europe and beyond. So take the opportunity to browse the archive and read and download your favourite articles. 

Click here to register and access the archive. (You may need to choose the year, issue and article before you register). Registration is free and only requires an active email account.

View the recent EAPC blog post relating to the opening of the archive here