EAPC Congress 2019 ePosters - Instructions for ePoster platform

1.      Open the online platform via the following link: https://www.morressier.com/signup/EAPC-2019

2.     To receive all benefits of the platform, please register with your email address and chose a password.

3.     After completing the registration, all ePosters of the EAPC19 are available.

4.     You can use the search bar to seek the poster you are looking for. Please note that this search will seek posters from the whole platform which includes various posters from different congresses. Therefore, we recommend you search for the full name of the author or the poster in order to guarantee a successful search.

5.     By clicking on the menu button on the left side, the posters of the EAPC19 as well your saved researches can be found.

6.     On the right side your personal settings, content statistics and saved researches are available.

7.     If you need any support, please do not hesitate to contact Morressier via the contact form on the right bottom of their page.