EAPC task force on the development of guidelines and a core curriculum for the palliative care for people with neurological disease

This task force was established in May 2008

The aim of the project is to increase awareness of the palliative care needs of people with neurological disease – primarily, but not exclusively, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (motor neurone disease), multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, stroke and Parkinson’s Disease. As the prevalence of neurological disease increases, this will be incresingly important with the ageing of the population in Europe, the issues will become increasingly important – as either the main issueas increasingly people will have neurological disease, as their main problem or as a co-morbidity.

The project will aim to develop guidelines to improve the care of people with neurological disease, by increasing awareness of problems and issues experienced by this population both within palliative care and neurology. This will help in the collaborative approach to holistic care – involving both neurological and palliative care services.

The developent of a core curriculum for all professionals, in both neurological services and palliative care services, will allow the development of greater awareness and more effective management of this patient group, so that the quality of life of patients and families can be improved.

Aims & objectives 

  • To develop guidelines for the care of people with neurological disease.
  • To develop a core curriculum on neurological pallitaive care for both palliative care professionals and neurology health care professionals


  • May 2011: 
    12th EAPC Congress – draft guidelines for discussion at a session on neurological palliative care.
  • October 2011: 
    20th World Congress of the WFN – draft core curriculum for discussion at a session on neurological palliative care.
  • May 2013: 
    Guidelines finalised for presentation at the 13th EAPC Congress


David Oliver
Consultant in Palliative Medicine
Wisdom Hospice, Rochester
Honorary Senior Lecturer
University of Kent, UK


Steering group

Daniela Tarquini
Roma, Italy

Gian Domenico Borasio
Klinikum der Universität München. Germany

Rachel Burman,
King’s College, London, UK

Augusto Caraceni
National Cancer Institute, Milan, Italy

Stefan Lorenzl
University of Munich, Germany

Raymond Voltz
University of Cologne, Germany

Marianne de Visser
Amsterdam, Netherlands



The European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS)  is collaborating in the development of the guidelines.

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) has been approached for  collaboration on the development of both guidelines and core curriculum.