Hosting an EAPC congress

There is an EAPC congress every year.  We have two different types of congress run on alternate years:

Hosting the main EAPC World Congress:

EAPC main congresses are attended by between 2500-3000 delegates. We endeavour to rotate the location of our congresses to different geographical regions of Europe.  We only accept approaches to host a congress from our member associations. 

The following are considered essential criteria:

  • A major European city served by at least one airport, with flights from throughout Europe and good International connections.
  • Availability of an adequate number of hotel rooms ranging from budget to five star
  • Excellent and cheap local transport links
  • Bid is led by an enthusiastic local group

Hosting the EAPC World Research Congress:

The EAPC World Research Congress is organised through the EAPC Research Network, in conjunction with the EAPC Board. The Research congress attracts between 1000-1300 delegates. 

Requirements for EAPC World Research Congress – April 2022

For further details about hosting either congress, please contact: