EAPC Endorsement

EAPC has two levels of endorsement of an event: 

1.   Endorsement by the EAPC

The event (conference or congress) must be endorsed by an EAPC representative (a member of the Board of Directors, a chair of an EAPC Network, a national contact or an officer at EAPC head office). If the event or the organiser is in a country where the EAPC has a representative this person should give his or her agreement before EAPC Endorsement can be granted. If neither the event nor the organiser is in a country where the EAPC has a representative, the agreement of at least two EAPC representatives from other countries is required.

2.   In Collaboration with the EAPC

The Board of the EAPC must see the scientific programme in the planning stages and must be given the opportunity to comment on it.  One or two people nominated by the EAPC Board, the Executive Committee or EAPC President should be part of the scientific or the editorial committee of the initiative.

Once the event has been Endorsed or Collaboration has been granted:

The organising body should indicate in their publications and Website or the sentence:
“Endorsed by the European Association for Palliative Care, EAPC”

  • The EAPC logo can only be used in connection with this sentence.
  • The EAPC expects the organisation to insert a link to the EAPC website (www.eapcnet.eu) with the logo and/or the sentence placed on the website.  
  • The EAPC will list the event and/or the organisation on its website and create a link

For further information please email: info@eapcnet.eu