EAPC Research Network Junior Forum

About the EAPC Research Network Junior Forum  

Established in 2008, the EAPC Research Network Junior Forum (JF) is a platform for education, communication and collaboration among junior researchers. It serves as a network for individuals to learn about research, share experiences and develop the skills necessary to lead palliative care research into the future with the ultimate aim of improving palliative care.    

The aim of this initiative is to build a strong foundation for the provision of high quality, effective and collaborative palliative care research, which will produce better palliative care at a clinical, scientific and social level. 

The Junior Forum was established for young researchers to become an integral part of the solution to providing better palliative care. The initiative has been motivated by the wish of young researchers to work with international colleagues with similar levels of experience. The JF was launched in a separate session at the 5th Research Forum of the EAPC in Trondheim in May 2008. 

For more information, please email  eapcgroups@eapcnet.eu