Research suggests that volunteering plays a key role within hospice and palliative care services in Europe (Radbruch et.al., 2010, Burbeck et. al., 2014, Wothia et. al.,2015, Scott, 2015). Some services would be unable to function without this support (Scott, 2015).  Volunteers should be recognised as having their own unique place within the team alongside professionals and informal family carers (Goossensen, Somsen, Scott and Pelttari, 2016) Volunteers add to the quality of care and patient experience (Naylor, Mundle and Weaks, 2013, Faulkener and Davies, 2005), demedicalise the environment and provide an important social dimension to care (Guirgius-Younger, Kelley, and McKee, 2005). For volunteering to be successful, however, there must be effective approaches to management (Morris et. al., 2013).

The Second Task Force on Volunteering will build on the  work undertaken by the first Task Force. The first EAPC Task Force on Volunteering which began in 2013 undertook a number of projects including: a European wide survey on volunteering, White Paper on Volunteering, several international Volunteering Symposia and Story Project."  To read the Executive summary of the First Task Force please click here and for the Full Report click here.

To read the background paper to the development of the Charter please click here, to read and sign the Charter please click here and for versions of the Charter in other languages please see the translations section of the EAPC Website.

Aims and Objectives  (Including Milestones)

During the life of the First Volunteering Task Force, information gathered through workshops at international volunteering symposia and open task force meetings suggested that effective recruitment and the training and education of volunteers and volunteer managers were essential to the the effectiveness of volunteers.  Whilst much research has focussed on the motivations of volunteers internationally, there is little research to date on the training of volunteers and therefore a lack of research evidence to support practice. We know from the work of the First Task Force that organisations and countries who are keen to develop volunteer services seek evidence-informed guidance and resources.

The aim of the Task Force is to:

Implement and monitor the aims of the EAPC Madrid Charter on Volunteering using the Charter Implementation Plan by:  

Encouraging and supporting research and practice projects across Europe to identify core elements of:

Effective recruitment – finding the right people for volunteer roles by December 2019

Education: competencies and training required for volunteers and volunteer managers by December 2018

The need for a quality framework for hospice and palliatuve care volunteering by 2020


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Dates of Open Meetings:

International Symposium on Volunteering.  Berlin: 22 May (Day before EAPC 16th World Congress in Berlin. Further information to follow.


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