EAPC Task Force on International Collaboration for the Development of Healthcare Professional Guidelines in Palliative Care


Practice guidelines are developed to collect scientific evidence and present it in a way to guide clinicians from all disciplines and professions in their daily practice to provide high quality patient care. Writing guidelines is a huge and difficult work according to a strict methodology, often beyond the capacity of a single organization. Therefore it is worthwhile investigating possible collaboration between organizations and countries in order to obtain maximum collective outcomes combining individual efforts. 

Aims & Objectives

  1. To provide an overview of initiatives in palliative care guideline development across the EAPC region: in which countries, by which institutions, by which methodology are guidelines currently being developed?
  2. To connect existing, and support new guideline developing initiatives through the installation of a collaborative network.
  3. To develop, test and implement a methodology of guideline development focused on common pathways and shared efforts: a first part (e.g. literature search, quality appraisal and data extraction) could be part of a shared effort while a second part (e.g. writing a locally adapted guideline, piloting the guideline in the health care system) could make up for the individual effort.

Prof Peter Pype


PHD in Medical Science,
Ghent Univeristy, Belgium
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Prof Lieve Van den Block


Head of Research Programme on Ageing and Palliative Care
Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium
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Members of the Taskforce

Claudia Bausewein, Manon Boddaert, Augusto Caraceni, Jim Cleary, Stephen Connor, Noël Derycke, Marie Fallon, Frank Ferris, Richard Harding, Irene Higginson, Anneleen Janssen, Stein Kaasa, Sean Morrison, Brenda O’Connor, Daniela Mosoiu, Yasemin Kilic Öztürk, Sheila Payne, Peter Pype, Lukas Radbruch, Florian Strasser, Lieve Van den Block, Brigit Fröhleke

Dr Gert Huysmans, Belgium – EAPC Board link