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Open Meeting of the EAPC Reference Group on Neurology will be held on Wednesday 7th October, 2pm CET at the EAPC 11th World Research Congress Online https://eapcresearchcongress2020.eu/



This neurology reference group aims to build on the work of the EAPC Task Force on Neurology which facilitated the publication of the EAN / EAPC Consensus document in the European Journal of Neurology and draft a curriculum for training for neurologists and palliative care specialists. 

There are close links with the Palliative Care Scientific Panel of the European Academy of Neurology and a Memorandum of understanding has been agreed between the two organisations. There is agreement to look at further collaboration, sessions in Congresses and potential research collaborations.

The aims and objectives of the Group are:

1. Collaboration with the European Academy of Neurology

2. Development of curriculum for neurologists and palliative care specialists

3. Development of education and sessions at each other's Congresses

4. Development of research in palliative care in neurology across Europe

5. Collaboration with the World Federation of Neurology

Initial plans for 2016-2018 were:

1. Development of a Core curriculum on palliative care for neurologists and neurology for palliative care specialists, working with the UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists) - 2017

2. Congress sessions in 2017 at the EAPC World Congress in Madrid and the EAN Congress in Amsterdam, and the EAN Congress in Lisbon in 2018

3. Development of research ideas developed - by end of 2017

4. To consider a European wide research project in 2018

EURO-NEURO – survey on the collaboration between neurology and palliative care across Europe.

How do neurology and palliative care services collaborate across Europe? There is increasing interest in providing palliative care for people with progressive neurological disease but the full extent of the relationship is not known.

The EAN Palliative Care Specialty Panel and the EAPC Reference Group on palliative care and neurology are undertaking a survey of the collaboration between neurology and palliative care – entitled EURO-NEURO.  All neurologists in the EAN and palliative care specialists in the EAPC and its constituent national associations are invited to take part.

Survey now closed

If you would like any further information about this study, please contact Professor David Oliver D.J.Oliver@kent.ac.uk Thank you for your time and effort to complete this survey.



David Oliver, Gian Domenico Borasio, Augusto Caraceni, Marianne de Visser, Wolfgang Grisold, Stefan Lorenzl, Simone Veronese and Raymond Voltz (2016) Palliative care in chronic and progressive neurological disease: summary of a consensus review European Journal of Palliative Care; 23(5) pp 232-235 view here

Alessandra Solari, Andrea Giordano, Jaume Sastre-Garriga,, Sascha Köpke, Anne C. Rahn, Ingo Kleiter, Katina Aleksovska, Mario A. Battaglia, Jette Bay, Massimiliano Copetti, Jelena Drulovic, Liesbeth Kooij, John Mens, Edwin R. Meza Murillo, Ivan Milanov, Ron Milo, Tatiana Pekmezovic, Janine Vosburgh, Eli Silber, Simone Veronese, Francesco Patti, Raymond Voltz, David J. Oliver, and on behalf of the Guideline Task Force (2020) EAN Guideline on Palliative Care of People with Severe, Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. This article is co‐published by the European Journal of Neurology and the Journal of Palliative Medicine.


Professor David Oliver

Professor David Oliver (UK)

Professor of Palliative Medicine
Kent (UK)
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Core Group

Professor Gian D Borasio, Lausanne, Switzerland
Professor Stefan Lorenzl, Salzburg, Austria
Dr Simone Veronese, FARO, Turin, Italy
Professor Raymond Voltz, Cologne, Germany

Christoph Ostgathe, Germany - EAPC Board link

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