Curriculum in Palliative Care for Undergraduate Medical Education (2007)

Completed 2007. 

The Task Force, chaired by Marilene Filbet finished the “Curriculum in Palliative Care for Undergraduate Medical Education – Recommendations of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC)”, that can be downloaded here. 

The steps for the realisation where the following: 

  • First draft 2005 
  • Sent to the advisory board 2006, review process 
  • Document approved but slight changes are made:New document 2007 
  • Approved by the EAPC board in January 2007 
  • Launch on the EAPC web site and Budapest congress in June 2007 

The review process: 

The document was sent with a review form to a group of experts and the presidents of the board of the collective members association. Changes to the final document have been made based on their feedback. 

All respondents have been acknowledged as members of the advisory board with their agreement.