EAPC Groups

One of the strategic goals of the EAPC is to have an open and creative forum for the development of all aspects of palliative care. The EAPC Board of Directors recognises that within the discipline of palliative care, members have specific areas of interest.  Some of these areas have been subjected to scrutiny at a European level through the work of EAPC task forces.  These groups, formed by interested members from a range of disciplines and different countries, have worked collaboratively to produce a variety of documents on behalf of the EAPC. Examples of this work include: Primary care, mapping and spiritual care.  Other groups have focused specifically on a single discipline or area such as: nursing, medical education, children’s palliative care and social work.  All have worked to deliver on their focused, time limited projects. Some task forces have evolved and broadened their work to deliver on multiple projects that include a range of activities beyond the scope of a single task force.  In order to enable this work to develop further the board of directors of the EAPC agreed to the establishment of EAPC Reference Groups.

EAPC Reference Groups