Becoming an EAPC National Association

Application Proccess: 

The following documentation is required for Associations to join the EAPC:

1. Copy of association’s by-laws 
2. Official letter from the President of the association.  The letter should demonstate the agreement of the Board of Directors to apply for EAPC membership.
3. Minutes of the organisations meeting where EAPC membership was discussed and agreed
4. Agreement that all Board Members will adhere to the objectives of the EAPC and comply with its by-laws and rules
5. List of board members names and email address 
6. Assocation information leaflet 
7. Name and contact details of the individual appointed for liaison with the EAPC
Please forward the above by email here

Once the EAPC Head Office has received the completed application and documents, they will be submitted to the EAPC Executive Committee for approval. The Head Office will inform the Association upon approval and send on details in relation to the payment of  membership fees. 

 General Assemblies & voting rights:

To become a member, your association must pay an individual membership fee of €70 per board member.  Each of these board members is then entitled to vote in EAPC elections* and attend General Assemblies of the EAPC.  Each individual member present at the general assembly will have one vote and can hold up to 5 proxies*.

We endeavour to ensure the EAPC is open to all new members and if there are any financial concerns in relation to joining please contact us.

Member Associations can also avail of reduced rates for stands at our annual congresses and also have advertising space or table space next to or at the EAPC stand.

Please note that members who do not live or work in Europe cannot vote in EAPC elections but are entitled to all other member benefits