The Floriani Lecture

We are grateful to the Fondazione Floriani for their ongoing support.  For the last 15 years they have supported The Floriani Lecture at our Biennial EAPC World Congress. The speaker is selected and agreed by the scientific committee for the congress.  This decision is discussed with The Fondazione Floriani, and with their agreement and support, the speaker is invited to attend the congress and present the Floriani Lecture.  

Floriani Lecture 2021 – Online congress

How can palliative care navigate the opioid crisis? , Award: Presented by Dr P. Floriani

Jim Cleary

Physician (USA)

Floriani Lecture 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Access to Palliative Care and Pain Relief – an Imperative of Universal Health Coverage

M. R. Rajagopal

Physician (India)



Floriani Lecture 2017 – Madrid, Spain

Title: Progressing palliative care in low and middle income countries

Liliana De Lima

Psychologist (USA)



Floriani Lecture 2015 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Title: Dignity, personhood and the culture of medicine

Harvey Chochinov

Physician (USA)


Floriani Lecture 2013 – Prague, Czech Republic

Title: Twenty-five years revisited: Have we been faithful to our values and principles?

René Schaerer

Physician (France)



Floriani Lecture 2011 – Lisbon, Portugal

Title: From pioneer days to implementation – lessons to be learnt

Mary Baines

Physician (UK)



Floriani Lecture 2009 – Vienna, Austria

Title: The treatment of cancer pain over the past 30 years: Controversies, dogma and evidence

Geoffrey Hanks

Physician (UK)



Floriani Lecture 2007 – Budapest, Hungary

Title: Are we prepared to unmask the face of death?

Jacek Lucak

Physician (Poland) 



Floriani Lecture 2005 – Aachen, Germany

Title: Death without suffering

Robert Twycross

Physician (UK)



Inaugural Floriani Lecture 2003 – The Hague, The Netherlands

Title: How much palliative care does a society need?

Kathy Foley

Physician (USA)