Prizes and Awards

The EAPC Prize is awarded by the EAPC Board of Directors to a person who is deemed to have made a contribution to the work of the EAPC over a number of years.  The prize is awarded on alternate years at the EAPC World Congress.  Learn more here

The EAPC Cicely Saunders Award will be given to an individual who has made a broad contribution to palliative care, either in research, clinical practice or in organisation/policy that has made a difference to the practice of palliative care. The award is open to all members of the multidisciplinary team (reflecting Dame Cicely’s three healthcare professions). The choice of recipient  will be decided by the EAPC Congress Scientific Committee and is sent to the board of Cicely Saunders International for final approval. This was awarded for the first time at the EAPC Research Congress Online, in October 2020. Learn more here

This EAPC award which commenced in 2019 brings greater visibility to the achievements of women in palliative and end-of-life care research, advocacy, and leadership. It aims to bring about more balanced gender representation in clinical, institutional and academic organisations. Learn more here

The Researcher Awards (former Early Researcher Award) were created as an annual award by the EAPC in 2009. The awards are designed to recognise the work of scientists and clinicians in the field of palliative care who have recently made, or are currently making an outstanding contribution to research and clinical practice. The awards aim to highlight the individual’s career development and their potential.  The awards were originally known as the Early Researcher Awards, but since 2017, there are three distinct award categories:
  • Early Research Award
  • Post-Doctoral Award
  • Clinical Impact Award

Learn more here

Established in 2010, in honour of one of the EAPC’s founding members, Vittorio Ventafridda, a keynote speaker is selected by the Scientific Committee to deliver the Vittorio Ventafridda lecture at each biennial EAPC World Research Network Congress. Vittorio Ventafridda Memorial Lecture winners have extensive palliative care experience and are renowned for their internationally relevant research in the field of palliative care. Learn more here

For the last 15 years, the Floriani Foundation have kindly supported The Floriani Lecture at our Biennial EAPC World Congress. The speaker is selected and agreed by the scientific committee for the congress.  This decision is discussed with The Fondazione Floriani, and with their agreement and support, the speaker is invited to attend the congress and present the Floriani Lecture. Learn more here

Initiated in 2012, Palliative Medicine’s Paper of the Year Award is awarded to an outstanding paper published in the preceding year of the journal. Learn more here

Initiated in 2019,  the Journal of Palliative Medicine’s European Paper of the Year Award is awarded to a European paper published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine in the preceding year. Learn more here