Dr Sébastien Moine

I am an academic general practitioner (GP) and currently a visiting fellow at the Primary Palliative Care Research Group, University of Edinburgh. I am also co-chair of the EAPC Primary Care Reference Group. Previously, I worked for ten years as a GP in northern France (Picardy), where I participated in the creation of a project aiming to enhance the triggering and delivery of palliative care in primary care. During the same period, I also worked as a physician in a hospital palliative care support team and I got involved in education and research: as an honorary lecturer at the University of Paris 13 (Department of General Practice), and as a research associate at the National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED).

As far as I can remember, my medical practice has always been associated with travel. My first job with the international humanitarian organisation, Doctors of the World, took me to rural Afghanistan. There, I found out how political, economic, social (and regional) determinants could have a dramatic impact on the health of local populations. I also discovered how people experienced severe illness differently, depending on where (and by whom) they were being cared for: whether at home, by the roadside, in a remote area, or in the unfamiliar environment of a hospital.

Back in France, I continued my journey: settled in Paris and commuted to Picardy on a daily basis. It was obviously different from the Afghan mountains, with different people, but they could also face overwhelming suffering, and ways to alleviate it were not always easily accessible, even just one hour away from Paris.

I completed a Master’s in bioethics in 2012 and I became a member of the Scientific Council of the French Palliative Care Association (Société Française d’Accompagnement et de soins palliatifs – SFAP). I also had the privilege of taking part in the steering group of the French National Plan for the Development of Palliative Care (2015-2018), chaired by Dr Vincent Morel, former President of the SFAP. Prior to that, I attended my first EAPC congresses, where I met my mentors in the palliative care community: Professors Scott Murray and Xavier Gómez-Batiste. They welcomed me with kindness and a genuine curiosity about the development of primary palliative care in France.

I am deeply grateful to the SFAP and its President, Dr Anne de la Tour, who support my candidacy. The year 2018 was a milestone on the road to universal health coverage, with the Declaration of Astana highlighting palliative care as a key intervention. If elected to the EAPC Board, I would commit myself to promoting a broader inclusion of palliative care in health systems, particularly at the primary care level and in the community.

When I am not travelling for work, I like to travel with my spouse and our two daughters: to swim in every swimming pool/ sea/ ocean on the way, and to play country music versions of Schubert’s ‘Impromptus’ on the piano.