Avril Jackson


Avril joined the EAPC in 2012 in a part-time role working from home in Brighton, UK to launch and manage a blog and develop social media activities. Nine years on, the EAPC blog attracts contributions from some of the leading academics, researchers and practitioners from the global palliative care community who generously share latest research, new initiatives and personal stories.

Before joining the EAPC, Avril had recently retired after 31 years at St Christopher’s Hospice in London, where she had managed the Hospice Information Service, a resource for health and social care professionals and the public. Created by Dame Cicely Saunders in 1977 as a way of “Connecting people” and “Collecting people’s experiences”, the information service offered an enquiry service, a print magazine, the ‘Hospice Information Bulletin’, fact sheets, national and international palliative care directories and the organisation of an annual two-day conference at the hospice for the French-speaking palliative care community. In 2002, the information service went into partnership with Hospice UK, the leading UK charity that supports the work of hospices.

Avril is happy that she deviated from her original training to teach French and English and joined the world of palliative care. Combining what she learnt as a teacher and at St Christopher’s, and a little bit of serendipity, have enabled her to continue to play a small part in the ever-evolving world of information sharing.

Jackson A, Hodson M, Brady D, Pahl N. Spreading the word… Hospice Information systems. Omega Journal of Death and Dying, vol. 56. 1, 2007-2008.