Nomination of candidates

Board elections take place every four years with the next elections in Berlin in 2019 at the 16th EAPC World Congress.

Candidates for the EAPC Board of Directors are proposed by EAPC National Associations. Candidates can also be proposed by a minimum of 5 individual EAPC members. EAPC Board members can stand once for re-election, so the maximum term of office is 8 years. As palliative care is a multidisciplinary specialty, this should be reflected in the consitution of the board.  Board members are nominated by national associations or, in a few cases, by individual members. They are elected as individuals to service the EAPC for a four-year term, with one additional opportunity to be re-elected. The EAPC is keen to have Board members from all disciplines, at all stages of their career, and from all parts of Europe. At least two board members should be nurses.

What is expected of EAPC Board members?
During their tenure, EAPC board members are expected to be involved in a range of projects and initiatives and to play a significant role in the work of the EAPC. These initiatives are in line with the strategic objectives of the EAPC and include an active contribution to the programmes of the EAPC congresses and meetings.  Each EAPC task force, reference group and white paper writing group is also allocated a board link.   In order to ensure that the EAPC is responsive to its members, board members are asked to maintain regular contact with their national organisations and may also be asked to contact other member associations from other countries. 

Proposed candidates (new nominees and nominees for re-election to the EAPC Board) must be:

  • a member of EAPC with the right to vote. Candidates are required to maintain full voting membership throughout their term on the board either as an individual EAPC member or a board member of their National Organisation
  • supported in writing by their National Association
  • actively involved in Palliative Care in their own country
  • able to give sufficient time to the activities of the EAPC and attend a minimum of 50% of all board meetings
  • living or working in Europe
  • competent in English

Once nominated, the prospective candidate must submit:

  • a current Curriculum Vitae (short version only)
  • a head shot photograph in JPEG
  • content for a blog post (up to 450 words) which will be shared on the EAPC blog in the months leading up to the board elections.  This blog post provides an opportunity for candidates to explain more about themselves and how they might contribute to the EAPC and the palliative care community more generally. Blog posts produced by candidates for the 2015 elections can be viewed here. Example content: 
  1. Your profession and where you work
  2. What (or who) inspired you to get involved in palliative care
  3. What your passions are, or what interests you most, in palliative care
  4. What you like doing when you are not engaged in palliative care
  5. If elected what perspectives you would hope to bring to the board. (For example, specific skills, past and present experiences, national and international interests or achievements).


The next board elections take place in Berlin at the EAPC World Congress in May 2019. The closing date for nominess (new nominees and nominees for re-election to the EAPC Board) is 31st January. For more information contact: info@eapcnet.eu