Report 3rd Congress of the EAPC - Bergen, Norway, June 1994

The 3rd Congress was held in Bergen, Norway, in June 1994. Palliative care is already well accepted by carers in Scandinavia. Due to the fact that the host country was Norway, this Congress was intended more as a specialist meeting. The Congress was honoured by the attendance of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, the Patron of the EAPC, with the active participation of the Mayor of Bergen.

In Norway, a country with a small population, intense media coverage was not to be expected. For this reason, and due to the difficult economic situation in 1994 and the high prices in Scandinavia, the number of participants was far less than for the other two Congresses. The official language was English.

Thirty-nine invited speakers participated in the programme and 109 abstracts were accepted as poster presentations. There were approximately 501 participants from 21 European and six other countries. The Chair of the Organising Committee was Dr Tor Jacob Moe from Norway and the Chair of the Scientific Committee was Professor Charles-Henri Rapin from Switzerland.