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Children, Elderly, Neurology, Family Carers       
Special attention and care for specifique groups in Palliative Care
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Specific groups

The EAPC supports task forces of health and social care professionals from across Europe to look in greater depth at the care provided to specific groups of people or at new areas of development. The task forces often collaborate with other specialist European organisations.

The taskforces include professionals with both specialist knowledge and experience from across Europe to produce reports which provide information on the issues for these patient groups or areas of development and guidance on management and care for anyone involved in palliative care.

Events on Palliative Care for Children, Older People, People with neurological disease, Family Carers

Date Field Event Place Organiser Contact & information
05/02/2018 Conference  Improving End of Life for People with Dementia London
HC-UK Conferences Ltd  Read More........
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