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Have questions? Need additional resources? EAPC gives you an overview of policies and developments on national, international and regional levels.
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Policy section

The aim of the EAPC is to promote palliative care in Europe and to act as a focus for all of those who work, or have an interest, in the field of palliative care at the scientific, clinical and social levels. In order to achieve this aim the EAPC does advocacy work and collaborates with a number of organisations and policy makers. We also employ and endorse a number of initiatives on the national, European and global level.

Latest news on Policy

Opioid overdose death epidemic sensationalised at the cost of pain patients - Published: 02-03-2016
Written By: Willem Scholten

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European Association for Palliative Care and the Civil Society Forum on Drugs - Published: 01-02-2016
Written By: David Oliver

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Standing up for the WHO and evidence-based evaluation of essential medicines - Published: 06-03-2015
Written By: Katherine Irene Pettus

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Dawn of a new era – or a false dawn? - Published: 16-02-2015
Written By: Richard A Powell

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Strengthening our understanding of ‘Access to Opioid Medication in Europe’ (ATOME): Highlights of results and achievements - Published: 12-01-2015
Written By: Eugenia Larjow

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Add your voice to UNGASS 2016 - Published: 15-12-2014
Written By: Katherine Pettus

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Colombia passes palliative care law - Published: 26-11-2014
Written By: Marta Ximena León

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2014 European Declaration on Palliative Care - Published: 12-11-2014
Written By: Paliative Care 2020

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Russian doctor acquitted of criminal charges over prescribing pain medication - Published: 29-10-2014
Written By: Adri Nieuwhof

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International law and controlled opioid medicines - Published: 01-10-2014
Written By: Katherine Irene Pettus

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