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Service Delivery, Development, Networking
EAPC informs you about the Palliative Care development in Europe and relevant organisations, associations and networks.
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Latest news on organisational issues

Perinatal bereavement care – building the body of research in Ireland - Published: 09-03-2016
Written By: Grace O’Sullivan

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Bereavement follow-up in adult intensive care units - Published: 18-01-2016
Written By: Elmien Brink and Michael Berry

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Are there any benefits to hospital admissions for people with palliative care needs? - Published: 02-09-2015
Written By: Jackie Robinson

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Burnout, psychological morbidity and use of coping mechanisms among palliative care practitioners: A multi-centre cross-sectional study - Published: 15-07-2015
Written By: Mervyn Koh

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FIT for CARE: A compassionate sports community to support palliative care in three countries - Published: 13-07-2015
Written By: Juan-Pablo Leiva

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Mind the gap – health literacy and language level - Published: 22-06-2015
Written By: Clémence Ross

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Identifying palliative and end of life care research priorities in the UK - Published: 15-06-2015
Written By: Sabine Best

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Colourful life of hospice volunteers in Europe - Published: 23-03-2015
Written By: Ros Scott and Leena Pelttari

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JAPANESE: 欧州のホスピス緩和ケアの標準と基準に関する白書: 欧州緩和ケア学会からの勧告 - Published: 19-06-2014
Written By: Lukas Radbruch, Sheila Payne and the Board of Directors of the EAPC

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Colourful life of hospice volunteers in Europe - Published: 04-06-2014
Written By: Leena Pelttari, Anna Pissarek and Ros Scott

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