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Integrity, Values, Ethical Reflections
EAPC discusses ethical and controversial issues in palliative care and end of life decisions
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Latest news on ethical issues

Until this day, the 2003 article that was published in Palliative Medicine still represents the official view of the EAPC: euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide should not be part of palliative care.

However, after ten years new and ongoing developments this paper necessitates a revision. At this moment, a EAPC  working Group is preparing this revision to the 2003 EAPC position statement. A draft paper has been crafted which is currently submitted to a four-round Delphi Consensus process involving and international expert Panel and the national associations of 32 countries that are members of the EAPC. The Delphi study will be conducted early in 2015 and a new position statement is anticipated to be published in spring 2015, after having been approved by the board of directors. More Information is available from Lukas Radbruch, Paul van den Berghe or Carlo Leget.

Calendar of Events on Ethics and Palliative care

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