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Study, Learn and Grow               
The EAPC aims to keep you up to date on education in palliative care
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Study, learn and grow

Health professional education is essential to the development of high quality palliative care. Throughout Europe, palliative care is delivered in a range of settings and is impacted by culutre, resource availability and health service configuration.  This has resulted in variations in the way in which health and social care professionals are prepared to care for palliative care patients and their families. There are three levels of palliative care (a palliative care approach, generalist palliative care and specialist palliative care).  A range of educational opportunities should ideally be available to prepare healthcare professionals to provide pallaitive care at all three levels and should be integrated into the undergraduate education for all healthcare professionals.

The interdisciplinary nature of palliative care relies on the ability of a range of healthcare professionals to work together towards common goals, that take into consideration professional boundaries whiilst acknowledging that, to a certain extent, competencies may overlap. It is important that all professionals learn the core constituents of palliative care, such as dignity, autonomy and quality of life and how these are applied in daily clinical practice, Healthcare professionals also need to have an understanding of good symptom management and psychosocial and spiritual care. Many of these aspects of palliative care education have been addressed by a number of the EAPC education task force publications.

Latest news on educational issues

Leading the way in European palliative care - Published: 03-03-2014
Written By: Gerrit Frerich and Heather Graham

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Social Work – Looking inwards, looking outwards - Published: 01-08-2013
Written By: Andrea Dechamps

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Calendar of courses in palliative care

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