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Do you want to take part in palliative care research?

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EAPC World Research Congress 2020

EAPC RN is now in the process of planning the next EAPC World Research Congress. It is now possible to submit bids for hosting the congress in 2020. Some institutions have already expressed their interest, however in order to find the best possible location we encourage you to send your bid.

The idea behind the congress is to have a place to present new data, discuss the results and meet up with collaborators in your field of research.

Do you want to participate and help EAPC Research Network arrange the congress? We are now looking for a skillful organizer to take on the planning and the responsibility together with the EAPC Research Network. In order to have a compact congress the venue should be sized for 1200 –1500 participants. Further details will be discussed later.

All bids should be sent directly to the chair of the EAPC Research Network Stein Kaasa by July 7th 2017.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Dr. Stein Kaasa at or 0047 918 970 01.  



7th International Seminar of the PRC and EAPC RN

The next seminar will be held in Oslo, Norway 5-7 October 2017.

Information will be updated on


10th World Research Congress of the EAPC

The next research congress will be held in Bern, Switzerland 24-26 May 2018.

Information will be updated on

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