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Projects & Task Forces

Any EAPC member can apply to set up a task force. Members are encouraged to develop their ideas for task forces and are welcome to discuss potenital ideas and suggestions with members of the Board of Directors or head office staff. Once completed, all EAPC Task Force Application Form's must be approved by the EAPC Board of Directors. 

The following basic rules apply:
  1. The project title should reflect the content of the project
  2. The objectives should be clearly stated
  3. A task force chair must be nominated (chair or coordinator)
  4. A member of the Board of Directors of the EAPC will be designated as an official link person with the task force.  The link person may attend task force meetings if required
  5. All task force members should be listed in the application. A core group (steering committee) may run the task force and collaborate with a wider group of experts. The board must be updated on any changes of the group
  6. A task force should have at least 5 members from different countries
  7. A project summary must be included with applications
  8. A time-limited objective and realistic work plan is essential. Task force work must be completed within a three year timeframe
  9. An written update on the activities of the task force must be submitted to the EAPC Board of Directors twice a year (March and September) 
  10. The EAPC Board of Directors can request a progress report from the task force chair at any time
  11. All task forces are expected to be self-funding with a clear financial plan.  

Download the application form here: EAPC Task Force Application Form (this can be completed electronically)


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