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Translations of the declaration

Please sign the Prague Charter “Palliative Care: a human right" Your signature will help support the initiative to recognize palliative care as a human right and improve access to palliative care worldwide.

Download the full text of the declaration in the following languages:

Language Translation
English Our deep appreciation to the people who carried out the translations
Albanian Translated by Irena Laska - Albania
Arabic Translated by Faten Abdelkafi Sayyed & Mohammed Bushnaq - Jordan
Armenian Translated by Narine Movsisyan & Avetis Babakhanyan 
Catalan Translated by Josep Porta i Sales - Spain
Chinese Translated by Alice Chapman - UK
Croatian Translated by Julijana Franinović Marković - Croatia
Czech Translated by Marta Duchoňová & Ondrej Slama - Czech Republic
Dutch Translated by Marijke Braaksma en Joep van de Geer - The Netherlands
French Translated by Marc Wenner - Switzerland
German Translated by Birgit Jaspers - Germany
Greek Unfortunately we had to remove the translations due to unresolved controversies over the correct translation. 
Hungarian Translated by Agnes Csikos - Hungary
Italian Translated by Carlo Peruselli - Italy 
Japanese Translated by Satoru Tsuneto - Japan
Lithuanian Translated by Arvydas Šeškevičius - Lithuania
Polish Translated by Wojciech Leppert - Poland
Portuguese Translated by Manuel Luís Vila Capelas - Portugal
Romanian Translated by Simona Tutila, Laura Iosub & Malina Dumitrescu - Romania
Russian Translated by Elena Vvedenskaya - Russia
Serbian Translated by Ana Marojevic - Serbia
Slovak Translated by Hedviga Jakubíková - Slovakia
Spanish Translated by Eduardo Garralda & Carlos Centeno - Spain
Turkish Translated by Dilşen Çolak - Turkey

Disclaimer: The translations of all documents published by the EAPC are prepared with the utmost care. However, the EAPC does not accept any liability for the correctness and completeness of the compilation and content of these translations and the direct or indirect consequences of acting or failing to act based on these translations. It is not possible to derive any rights, of whatever nature, from the compilation and contents of the translations.

In all cases, the English documents shall be decisive.
We naturally welcome any suggestions for corrections to the published translated documents.

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