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Data protection according to the BELGIAN PRIVACY ACT 8 / 12 /1992

Within the framework of the activities of the European Association for Palliative Care Vzw, hereafter EAPC, non for profit Association according to Belgian legislation with registered offices in Belgium, Toekomststraat 36 B-1800 Vilvoorde, acquires confidential data relating to users.

Personal data users disclose when engaging in membership or requesting information or an opinion, are only processed by the EAPC vzw to meet users' request and according the Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data and its implementing decreed of 13 February 2001. Users' personal data are never processed for commercial purposes.

In this respect it is specified that:

  1. treatment of the data concerned is performed using procedures that guarantee respect for the privacy rights of the user and consists of its collection, registration, organization, archiving, processing, modification, selection, retrieval, comparison, use, interconnection, grouping, communication, circulation, cancellation and destruction, also via a combination of two or more of the aforementioned procedures;
  2. the data treatment itself is solely in relation to or instrumental to the activities according to the aims and objectives of the EAPC, more precisely:
  • to collect data and information relating to each user essential to constructing an effective customized programme; this implies the necessity, for the system, of identifying and recognizing the individual user;
  • to collect data and information in a general sense, and also in relation to the inclinations and preferences of the user;
  • to issue messages of purely informational content about Palliative Care and linked topics, also on behalf of third parties;
  • to issue informational material or advertising for activities in the field of Palliative Care
  • to elaborate statistical studies and research on users and other data, and if necessary communicate these to third parties working with EAPC;

With reference to the above mentioned purposes, the treatment of personal data will be performed mainly using automatic and computerized methods, in strict logical correspondence to the purposes themselves and, in any event, always in full respect of privacy and security rules specified by current law.

The data will be preserved, for the length of time specified by law, at the operational headquarters of EAPC and on the servers of of Bond for web solutions, Vlaardingweg 62, 2742 3044 CK Rotterdam, Netherlands and treated by employees and/or professionals empowered to do so by the Association and EAPC and who will perform the above mentioned activities. For this purpose, the data may be transmitted to external bodies which perform functions strictly connected and instrumental to service operations. The EAPC vzw only uses cookies with a low risk for users, for which the Belgian Act on electronic communication of 13 June 2005 (AEC) does not require user consent.

Conferral of permission by the user to treat his personal data is optional. A refusal to enter the requested information on the page dedicated to registration, however, renders the service impossible.

All individuals whose data are processed can consult their personal data, have them corrected or, if they have good reasons to request this, have them deleted. To do so, they must send a letter including a copy of their identity card to the abovementioned address, or send an e-mail to

I give my consent to the treatment and communication of my personal data solely in relation to or instrumental to the activities within the aims and objectives of the EAPC, as indicated in the information below. I am aware that, without my consent, registration cannot be completed.

I give my consent, for the data provided by myself to be used, also by third parties collaborating with the EAPC, for the issue of information and for the completion and the processing of statistics. I am aware that, without give my consent, registration cannot be completed.

Lastly, I give my consent, for data provided by myself to be transferred to associate, controlled or other organisations collaborating with the EAPC for its activities, within and outside of the European Union. I am aware that, without my consent, registration cannot be completed.

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