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The EAPC Ethics Task Force on Palliative Care and Euthanasia

55 commentaries from 32 countries around the world

From the UK
pp. 102-103(2)
Author: Saunders C.
From Australia
pp. 141-142(2)
Author: Lickiss N.
From the USA
pp. 104-105(2)
Author: Billings J.A.
From Greece
pp. 143-143(1)
Author: Mystakidou K.
From Switzerland
pp. 106-106(1)
Author: Stiefel F.
From Germany
pp. 144-144(1)
Author: Klaschik E.
From Sweden
pp. 107-108(2)
Author: Edenbrandt C-M.
From Iceland
pp. 145-145(1)
Author: Arnason S.
From France
pp. 109-109(1)
Authors: d'Hérouville D.
From New Zealand
pp. 146-147(2)
Author: MacLeod R.
From the Netherlands
pp. 110-110(1)
Author: van der Wal .G.
From India
pp. 148-148(1)
Author: Vijayram S.
From Belgium
pp. 111-112(2)
Author: Van Parys T.
From Taiwan
pp. 149-149(1)
Author: Lai E.Y.L.
From the USA
Understanding requests for physician-assisted death
pp. 113-114(2)
Authors: Ganzini L.; Back A.
From Cyprus
pp. 150-150(1)
Author: Malas S.
From Sweden
pp. 115-115(1)
Authors: Tännsjö T.
From Argentina
pp. 151-151(1)
Authors: Eisenchlas J.H.; De Simone G.
From the UK
pp. 116-116(1)
Author: Randall F.
From Uganda
pp. 152-152(1)
Author: Merriman A.
From Italy
pp. 117-118(2)
Author: Mori M.
From Denmark
pp. 153-154(2)
Author: Busch C.J.
From New York City
pp. 119-119(1)
Author: Pogge T.W.
From the West Indies
pp. 155-155(1)
Author: Spence D.
From the UK
pp. 120-120(1)
Author: Cooley C.
From India
pp. 156-156(1)
Author: Rajagopal M.R.
From Cyprus
pp. 121-121(1)
Author: Pitsillides B.
From Colombia
pp. 157-157(1)
Author: Moyano J.
From Italy
pp. 122-123(2)
Author: Welshman A.
From Australia
pp. 158-159(2)
Author: Currow D.
From Switzerland
pp. 124-124(1)
Author: Porchet F.
From Singapore
pp. 160-161(2)
Author: Goh C.
From Poland
pp. 125-126(2)
Authors: Luczak J.; Kluziak M.
From Hong Kong
pp. 162-163(2)
Author: Chan K-S.
From Estonia
pp. 127-127(1)
Author: Koorits U.
From Australia
pp. 164-165(2)
Author: Ashby M.
From Bosnia-Herzegovina
pp. 128-128(1)
Authors: Haracic M.; Simmonds S.
From Finland
pp. 166-166(1)
Authors: Hänninen J.
From France
pp. 129-129(1)
Authors: Guerrier M; Bourstyn E; Hirsch E
From Canada
pp. 167-168(2)
Author: Pereira J.
From Germany: helpful differentiation
pp. 130-131(2)
Author: Illhardt F.
From Norway
pp. 169-169(1)
Author: Ottesen S.
From Spain
pp. 132-132(1)
Author: Altisent R.
From New Zealand: on defining perspectives
pp. 170-171(2)
Author: Adler J.
From France
pp. 133-133(1)
Authors: Montuclard L; Moutel G; Hervé C
From Australia
pp. 172-173(2)
Author: Glare P.
From Chile
pp. 134-135(2)
Author: Taboada P.
From Belgium
pp. 174-174(1)
Author: Loop J.
From Israel
pp. 136-136(1)
Author: Steinberg A.
From Belgium
pp. 175-175(1)
Author: Botterman J.
From the UK
pp. 137-137(1)
Author: Finlay I.
From the Netherlands
pp. 176-177(2)
Author: van der Kloot Meijburg H.H.
From Germany
pp. 138-138(1)
Author: Zenz M.
From the USA
pp. 178-179(2)
Author: Hendin H.
From Italy
pp. 139-140(2)
Author: Maltoni M.

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