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News & media

News and Media is updated regularly and provides contemporary information on:

  • Developments and events related to palliative care
  • The publication of reports, scientific papers and documents, some translated into languages other than English (some of these papers are free to download for EAPC registered users) 
  • The Eastern Europe Newsletter, which is published on the internet with news about the development of Palliative Care in Eastern European Countries
  • The publication of Palliative Medicine the official research journal of the EAPC
  • The publication of the European Journal of Palliative Care, the official journal of the EAPC
  • A regularly updated list of the essential scientific journals in Palliative Care
  • Reports and reviews of books and films pertaining to Palliative Care
  • A list important European organisations providing information on palliative care

The board of the EAPC welcome's members input.  If you have a paper or document that would be of interest to our members or would like to report on a development or event on our news and media page please click here

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