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Associations – how to join

National and Regional non profit associations from Europe (following the WHO concept of Europe, download booklet the WHO Regional Office for Europe) gathering professionals and volunteers working in palliative care, provided they are in full agreement with the declared aims and objectives of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC Onlus) and have a minimum of 35 members (individuals or representatives of affiliated organizations), may become collective members, through individual membership of all members of their Board of Directors or their officially nominated representatives. 

The membership fee is 70 € per person.

The association will be represented with as many voting rights at the EAPC General Assemblies and at the election of the EAPC board, as the number of board members who will pay their membership fee.

All members of the Associations EAPC Collective Members (not only board members joining individually) have the following advantages:

  • a reduced registration fee for EAPC events

  • a reduction in the individual subscription fee to the printed and electronic version of the European Journal of Palliative Care (EJPC), the official journal of the EAPC, click here for more information

  • a reduction in the usual individual subscription fee to Palliative Medicine, the Research Journal of the EAPC, click here for more information

  • a 20 % discount on all medical titles at the Oxford University Press, including the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine, The Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care and the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Care for Children. Click here for details.

  • a reduced rate for all EAPC Publications, that are not free of charge

  • to receive regular information by email

  • to download regularly pdf files of:

    • selected papers of each issue of the two official Journals of the EAPC
      (EJPC comment: 6 times a year, Palliative Medicine selected article: 10 times a year)
    • PowerPoint presentations of the EAPC Congresses
    • documents produced by the taskforces

Members of the collective members associations of the EAPC must be registered on the EAPC online database to claim a reduced congress fee as well as to obtain the above listed advantages. The name (or abbreviation) of the collective member association should be indicated on the registration form.

The "Collective Member" Association (CMA) can:

  • negotiate a special rate for its members directly with the publisher of the EJPC, official journal of the EAPC (by automatic benefit or bulk subscription)

  • have an advertising space or table space next to or within the EAPC booth during its biennial congresses. This advantage is possible as long as the "Collective Member" Association delegates a person to staff the requested table space or advertising space throughout the congress

The "Collective Member" Association (CMA) should:

collaborate with the EAPC to get all important information to their members:

  • through regular update of the database of their members on the EAPC website

  • and also by supplying on request a set of individual address labels of their members to the congress secretariat of the EAPC Congresses and Research Forum for the distribution of the printed programmes

Voting rights at General Assemblies

The CMA should be represented at the general assemblies of the EAPC by the members of its Board of Directors or by their representatives. Each individual present at the general assembly will have one vote and can hold up to 5 proxies

An official letter from the President of the interested association (electronic version preferred), should be sent to the EAPC Head Office. This letter must state the decision of their Board of Directors to apply for collective membership and citing the minutes of the meeting and that all Board Members adhere to the objectives of the EAPC and agree to comply with its by-laws and rules
Furthermore, the following documents must be forwarded to the EAPC by email:
  • The EAPC Association Info form duly completed, <AssociationInfoForm> (as attachment by Email)
  • A copy of the by-laws of the interested palliative care association (if available in pdf or word)
  • The name and contact details of the appointed person for regular liaison with the EAPC
  • An information leaflet about the association (if available in pdf)
  • An excel file with the list of the board members, (model to be downloaded <BoardMemberslist>)

Once the EAPC Head Office has received the complete application and documents, this will be submitted to the EAPC Executive Committee for approval. The Head office will inform the Association upon approval and send details for the lump sum payment of the membership fees for their Board of Directors.

Associations from Eastern Europe

Associations from Eastern Europe with  financial difficulties that become Collective members, can still be represented by a reduced number of their board members, who should preferably include the President.

The association will be represented with as many voting rights at the EAPC General Assemblies as the number of board members who will pay their membership fee. The amount for one member is 70 EURO.

All members of the Association will neverheless have the advantages described in this page and can receive regularly information from EAPC by registring on this web as collective members.

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