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Develop and Grow in Strength
Do you have questions? Do you need additional resources? The EAPC has the tools and information to increase your palliative care knowlegde.
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Join the EAPC

Are you already registered with the EAPC? If not and you are interested in pallative care, we invite you to do so! There are many advantages! You can join us by choosing from three types of registration:

  1. As an individual member. Pay an individual membership fee and have the right to vote.
  2. As member of an Association, informing us of which of the National associations you are member of.
    You can view a list of Associations who are EAPC Collective Members by clicking here.
  3. As a web user, no payment is needed, but access is given to certain information on our website, which is not available to non-registered users.
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