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Maria Nabal

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Mission Statement

Having been proposed by the Spanish Society for Palliative Care (SECPAL) as a candidate for the next EAPC Board of Directors, I would like to state that I accept the nomination.

How can I contribute to the activities of the EAPC?

As a member of the Spanish Society Board I can encourage most of the EAPC initiatives in SECPAL as well as encourage Spanish palliative care professionals to take a more active roll y the EAPC.

As an Spanish speaker I can be a link among the EAPC and all the Latin-American countries according to the Venice Declaration. I could also establish a breach with the Portugal Palliative Care Society because my relationship with some of its members

As the Editor in Chief of Medicina Paliativa”, the Spanish Scientific Journal on Palliative Care, I can collaborate by publishing in Spanish any EAPC paper, news, activity, etc.

As a Associated Professor in the Lerida’s University, I can collaborate in the pre-graduate and post-graduate Education EAPC task force.

I was involved in the Research Network on Prognostic factors in Palliative Care and at the Scientific Committee of the Research Forum in Venice 2006

Any how I would like to be helpful for the EAPC in any way by a responsible and honest work.




Maria Nabal

Hospital Universitario Arnau de Vilanova
Palliative Support Team
Rovira Roure 80
Lerida 25189
Tel: +34 973-244025
contact by email

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