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Board of directors 2011 - 2015

Role Click to view Mission statement, CV and contact address Country Profession National Association
President Sheila Payne United Kingdom Psychologist PCRS
Vice Presidents Per Sjøgren Denmark Physician DSPaM
Carlo Leget Netherlands  Ethicist Palliactief
Treasurer Silvio Necchi Italy Chartered Public Accountant  
Secretary Claudia Bausewein  Germany Physician DGP
Board Members Michaela Bercovitch Israel Physician IPMS
Marilène Filbet France Physician SFAP
Irene Murphy Ireland Social worker IAPC Ire
Maria Nabal Spain Physician SECPAL
David Oliver United Kingdom Physician APMGB
Carlo Peruselli Italy Physician SICP
Tina Saarto Finland Physician SPLY
Esther Schmidlin Switzerland Nurse Palliative ch
Paul Vanden Berghe Belgium Ethicist FPCF

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